5 Tips for Starting Your Wedding Dress Gown Search

5 Tips for Starting Your Wedding Dress Gown Search

Sep 29, 2021

Once you’re engaged and planning your wedding, you’re likely starting to think about your wedding dress. Finding your dream dress is a moment you’ve likely thought about for years, but once the moment is here, it’s tough to know when to start. No worries—we’ve got you covered!

Find Inspiration


One of the easiest first steps is getting inspiration for what dress you might want! Take a look at a few bridal magazines and at dresses on Pinterest, and take note of which dresses you like. Are you drawn to lace? Shimmer? Classic styles? Think of which styles you’re drawn to, and tell your bridal consultant. She’ll be better able to pull gowns you like if she has an idea of your personal style. 

Consider Your Overall Wedding Day Look



While getting your inspiration, keep in mind various factors of your wedding day. Think of your venue, the season, any decor you’re thinking of—things like this may affect your choices! For example, you might choose differently for a tropical destination wedding than you would for a church ceremony in midwinter.



Research Bridal Boutiques



Start looking at bridal boutiques in your area and consider what qualities you want in your shopping experience. Do you want a smaller boutique? A wide range of designers? Perhaps you like the boutique’s private line? Some shops, like Rouge, have their own unique private collections available exclusively at their boutique—this is why it’s important to do your research!

Find Your Guests


Most brides bring a few guests to their appointment, and we think this is a great idea! However, it’s important to be picky about your guests. You should keep your group limited only to those who you know have your back 100%—in other words, bringing eight of your friends and family might drown out your own voice, which is the last thing you want. Invite 3-4 guests who will give you helpful advice rather than being a downer at your appointment!

Be Ready for Bridal Sizing


Bridal sizing is different from the sizes you find at typical retail stores. You might be two to three sizes bigger in bridal than what you are in street sizing—that is totally normal, and usually expected. Don’t let sizing bring you down! Bridal sizing is just different from your usual shopping experience. 

Ready to start shopping for your dream dress? Book an appointment at Rouge Bridal Boutique!