Bridesmaid Dresses 101: Alterations

Bridesmaid Dresses 101: Alterations

Oct 01, 2020

Your bridesmaid dress finally arrived! Yay!


Don’t be surprised if you try on your dress and need some alterations. Most likely, you will need your dress hemmed and the straps taken up. This is TOTALLY normal and the case for 99% of our bridesmaids. Even though we measure you in-store, these are not custom made dresses and alterations are to be expected.


How Do We Determine What Size Bridesmaid Dress to Order for You?


We compare your measurement to the designer’s charts and order the size closest to your measurements.


For Example: If your bust size puts you in a size 10 dress, but your waist puts you in a size 12 dress, we are going to order the size 12 and plan for you to have the bust of your dress taken in. If we were to order the size 10 in this situation, the dress would fit your bust properly, but would not zip through your waist, and that’s a problem!



Designer Charts Are All Different 

All designer charts are different. If you were a size 8 in a bridesmaid dress in one wedding, don’t be surprised if you are an entirely different size in a dress from another line. Also, trust your stylist regarding their sizing suggestions. Bridal stylists are sizing experts since they do this every day! They are familiar with all of the different dress lines and how all of the sizes run. 


Just remember, a size is ONLY a number. It has nothing to do with you, your amazing personality, and gorgeous face! Don’t let the number on a dress mess with your head.


Budget for Alterations

Don’t let alteration cost catch you off guard! Plan on having to at least have your straps taken up and your dress hemmed. We are unable to provide estimates on alteration cost, since we, here at Rouge Bridal, don’t have an in-house seamstress. We recommend asking the bridal store where you purchase your dress for their seamstress recommendations, so that you can then call and get an estimate.

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