Bridesmaid Shopping

Bridesmaid Shopping

Sep 04, 2020

Many brides think picking a color and letting the bridesmaids find their own dress makes it easier. Most of the time, it does not. We have gotten feedback from many bridesmaids in that situation, it’s not their favorite. Is this color close enough to what she wants? Is this fabric ok? Long or shot?? CAN IT BE SHORT!? This style of bridesmaid dress shopping can cause a lot of unnecessary stress on the bridesmaids and bride. IT can also result in a lot of texting back and forth between the bride and each bridesmaid. How do you let your girls pick their own dress but make sure everyone coordinates?? EASY! Let us help!! If this is what you want to do with your bridesmaids, follow the steps below.


1. Meet with us here at Rogue Bridal. We will go over what vision you have for your wedding / bridesmaids. We will pick out your color or color pallet.
2. We will pull dresses that fit your vision in different fabric options that come in your
color / color pallet.
3. Pick your fabric or decide to mix fabrics
a. If you decide to mix fabrics, make sure you understand that there can be a slight color variation between the fabrics. They might not match exactly, but they will be super close in color.
4. Make an appointment for bridesmaid shopping.
5. SHOP!!
a. We will have your color swatches pulled along with a selection of dresses for your girls to choose from.

Other things to consider when bridesmaid shopping


We don’t order until everyone in the party has paid. Make sure your girls know a deposit or full payment is due the day of the appointment
- Order when you find them. Yes, you may have time to order, but in that time your bridesmaid dress may get discontinued. I’ve seen it happen.
- There is always going to be one bridesmaid who makes this process difficult. Don’t let her upset you. It’s ok, she will wear the dress and your wedding will be perfect. We know how to handle these situations.