Bridesmaids Dresses Neckline Styles

Bridesmaids Dresses Neckline Styles

Finding the perfect look for your bridal party is an exciting step in wedding planning, and the amount of different colors, silhouettes, and designs to choose from are endless! Our Rouge Bridal team is here to shine a light on one particular dress detail that may have not yet been included in your decision-making: the neckline! Showcasing some our favorite bridesmaids dresses by Kanali K, here are a few different neckline styles you’ll find at our Greensburg, IN, bridal boutique:


The Sweetheart Neckline


A fan-favorite style, the sweetheart neckline gently scallops along the curves of its wearer’s bust. This neckline adds a touch of built-in support to any bridesmaids gown, while creating a flirty, feminine look.


The One-Shoulder Neckline


The one-shoulder neckline wraps around just one half of the gown’s design, creating a chic, asymmetrical look. This neckline is a popular choice for outdoor ceremonies, and really pops on bridal parties planning on wearing their hair in up-do’s!


The Halter Neckline


The halter neckline reaches up to your bridesmaids’s collarbones, offering a full-coverage look perfect for brides getting married in a cathedral, planning a traditional, modest ceremony, or simply wanting some extra warmth in cooler climates!


The V-Neckline


The V-neckline forms a V-shape across the gown’s wearer’s chest, creating a stylish, feminine cut that would perfectly frame a pendant necklace, if you’re looking to add a finishing touch to your bridal party’s look!


The Straight-Across Neckline


The straight-across neckline travels in a clean line along its wearer’s bust, creating a square-shaped, or strapless, look. This style creatively finds a middle-ground between modesty and style, offering a high-coverage look, while incorporating contemporary edge.


Feeling inspired? Browse the rest of our bridesmaids dresses collections on our website, and book an appointment at Rouge Bridal Boutique to find the look your entire bridal party will love today!