Micro Weddings

Micro Weddings

Dec 28, 2020

With the craziness of 2020, micro weddings have gained popularity. Though this year has proved to be as unpredictable as ever, love hasn’t stopped! Micro weddings are proving to be the perfect solution for some couples to celebrate their love while keeping all involved safe. What is a micro wedding, you ask? Let us explain.


What is a Micro Wedding? 

A micro wedding is smaller than your traditional wedding. You are surrounded by your closest family and friends. It’s held in an intimate setting, usually over the course of one to four hours.  

This is a great option if you live in an area where events and gatherings are limited.  Many venues are now offering this type of wedding. 



Micro Wedding Options are Limitless

A micro wedding can be super simple and take a little as an hours time. This type would include, you, your fiancé, and immediate family members. You have your intimate ceremony, and then pictures done by a professional photographer.  


A micro wedding can also be a bit more elaborate. This type would include you, your fiancé, and 25 to 50 guests. It would take place over approximately four hours. You would have your ceremony and pictures done, followed by a meal and cake cutting. 



There are tons of options for a micro wedding! We only listed two examples. A micro wedding gives you an option if events are limited or you are a minimalist and don’t want the huge to-do that usually goes with a traditional wedding. Check with your local wedding venues for pricing and their micro wedding options!

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