Mix & Match Bridesmaids Styles from Our Pearl Collection

Mix & Match Bridesmaids Styles from Our Pearl Collection

One of the biggest trends for bridesmaids these days is the mismatched look. With bridesmaids in varying shades and styles, you achieve an effortless and unique look, all while ensuring your bridesmaids are comfortable in their dress. The mismatched style, however, can be difficult to pull off well, as you need the dresses to all look good together rather than haphazard and unharmonious. To give you a better idea of how to do mismatched dresses right, we’re giving you a great example using Rouge Pearl Collection bridesmaid dresses:


1822 by Pearl Collection
1827 by Pearl Collection
1832 by Pearl Collection
1828 by Pearl Collection




Pink has been one of the most popular bridesmaids dress colors for decades, as it’s instantly romantic and perfect for weddings. Using pink for a mismatched bridesmaid look can be beautiful, but with a wide range of hues and shades of pink, it’s easy to mess up. These four Rouge dresses give you the perfect range of varying pinks without compromising a cohesive, chic look. 


This is for two reasons: first, while the dresses have varying necklines, they’re all the same length. When choosing mismatched looks, it’s key to choose dresses that are all the same length, so that they appear somewhat similar from a distance. Along with length, it’s key that your colors have the same undertone. Each of these pink and nude gowns leans towards cool tones, which makes them look good in a group. A brighter hot pink or a warmer baby pink would stand out, subtly clashing and interrupting the harmony of these shades—so finding the same undertones is key!

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