The Best Silhouettes for Your Body Type

The Best Silhouettes for Your Body Type

A frequent question we get from brides is what dress shape will work best for their body type. The answer, of course, is different for each woman: most dress silhouettes look great on everyone, so the question is more about what parts of your body you want to highlight. Depending on if you'd rather highlight your waist, your hips, your shoulders—you name it, there's a dress shape designed to make that part of your body the focus! If you're not sure what shape you'd want to try first, here's a breakdown of what you can expect each shape to do for your body. 



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A-line silhouettes have been a staple in bridal fashion for generations, and for good reason! The shape looks incredible on everyone—if you are having a hard time deciding what silhouette you want to try on, you can't go wrong with A-line. The skirt flares into a gentle A-shape starting at the waist, which creates a slimming effect that looks amazing on everyone. This shape can also make petite brides look taller, as the skirt's shape and length makes your legs look longer. Timeless and classic, A-line wedding dresses fit almost any bride's style and consistently look amazing. 


Ball Gown

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Much like A-line dresses, ball gowns flare out from the waist; however, ball gowns have a much fuller skirt, creating a more dramatic shape. This gives the dress the same slimming effect as an A-line, but gives it more shape on the bottom. If you're looking to highlight your torso, or if you want to add more shape to your hips, ball gowns are the shape you're looking for. They also often create that floating, princess-like look with their airy, fluffy skirts, and give a gorgeous feminine touch to any look. 


Fit and Flare

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Unlike the more full-skirted A-line and ball gown shapes, fit and flare dresses are fitted through the hip and the skirt begins mid-way down the thigh. The fitted bodice in combination with the gently flared skirt creates stunning curves, highlighting your figure. If your favorite part of your body is your hips or your figure, this is the perfect dress shape for you. Bold yet laid back, this shape is versatile and looks great in all kinds of styles, from all-over lace boho to chic, modern silk. 



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Like fit and flare dresses, mermaid silhouettes are fitted through the hip; the difference in the two silhouettes is slight, but makes a big impact. Rather than flaring from mid-way down the thigh, the skirt on a mermaid shaped dress begins at the knee. This makes the shape of the skirt more dramatic, as is goes the same distance outwards on a tighter slope, meaning the skirts on a mermaid dress are often more structured. As with a fit and flare, this dress is perfect if you want to highlight your hips, but the mermaid shape adds a bit more drama to the silhouette for brides who really want to to highlight their curves. 


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