Unique Wedding Dress Sleeve Types

Unique Wedding Dress Sleeve Types

Each and every detail of a wedding gown’s design plays a significant role in its overall look and feel. This season, our Rouge Bridal team has found ourselves particularly drawn to unique bridal gown sleeve styles. Here are a few of our favorites:


Tip-Of-The-Shoulder Sleeves
#131 from Love Rouge

Tip-of-the-shoulder sleeves rest right where your shoulder meets your upper arm on both sides of your body. This style forms a unique, striking frame around your collarbones, and adds hourglass-like balance to the bride’s silhouette.


Illusion Long Sleeves
#9858 by Allure Bridals

Illusion long sleeves are crafted out of invisible mesh, which sets the perfect stage for layered appliqués, as shown in the Allure Bridals gown above. This mesmerizing style creates the visual effect of delicate lace simply floating above the bride’s bare skin.


Drape Sleeves
#126 from Love Rouge

Drape sleeves are what princess-like bridal looks are made of! This style envelopes the bride’s arms in relaxed, slightly puffed fabric that gently billows around her as she makes her journey down the aisle.


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