Wedding Dress Neckline Types

Wedding Dress Neckline Types

A bridal gown's neckline can vary from square or strapless to illusion or halter. Choosing the right neckline for your wedding dress depends on the venue, the time of year, the overall vibe of the event, and any finishing touches (special jewelry, a great hairstyle, etc.). Remember to choose one that makes you feel like yourself and expresses your unique style!

A variety of necklines are available on wedding dresses, creating a variety of looks - from boho and modern chic to classic bride and softly feminine. To help you find the perfect wedding dress neckline, let's take a look at some of our faves:



Sweetheart Necklines

 Sweetheart necklines, which look like the top of a heart, are another popular choice for brides. In the middle-front of the dress, the strapless neckline dips, creating a romantic heart shape. The curve and dip of your chest will be accentuated by sweetheart necklines since they follow your bust curve. Semi-sweetheart necklines cover more of the chest and aren't as deep as sweetheart necklines. 



Illusion Necklines

With an illusion neckline, it's the perfect look for a fairytale bride. The neckline of the dress is usually covered by sheer fabric, such as tulle or lace, creating the illusion of a strapless dress. A gown can also be embellished with appliques to give it a soft, dreamy appearance!



Off-The-Shoulder Necklines

With this elegant, romantic neckline, your collarbone and shoulders are accentuated while your beautiful face is brought to the forefront. With an off-the-shoulder neckline, your upper arms are draped over the shoulders, flattering any body type. If you pair your off-the-shoulder top with a short pendant necklace, your off-the-shoulder neckline will remain the focal point of your outfit.



High Necklines

The high neckline of your wedding dress will make you look regal. If your dress extends a little above your neck on your special day, you will look like royalty as you walk down the aisle. This neckline can be softened with illusion details in order to soften the structured high neck look.




An elegant choice for your wedding day look, it features a "V" shape dip in the middle-front. It depends on the depth of the dip whether a V-neck neckline is modest or daring. In addition to creating the illusion of an elongated torso, this neckline draws the eyes down to the waist and is flattering for brides of all sizes and shapes. There are two great jewelry options for this neckline: a simple pendant necklace or a narrow necklace following the dip's shape!