Why You Need A Day Of Wedding Coordinator

Why You Need A Day Of Wedding Coordinator

Sep 02, 2020

Let’s be real. You want to enjoy a stress-free wedding day, so does your mom, your MIL, and your bridesmaids. Who wants to be bothered with the little day of decisions? All the big ones have been made already. You said yes to you man, and your dress. You have a church and a venue, which will be beautifully decorated before you wedding day. All you vendors are reserved. So, tell me, do you really care where they set your guest book at your reception, IF one of the groomsmen can’t find his cufflinks, or if the DJ is late? You don’t want to be bothered with those things. Seriously, you need someone who can confidently make a decision for you and handle any situation that may pop up. Remember, these are small decisions, nothing that will make or break your wedding day. This is where your wedding Fairy Godmother comes into play, otherwise known as your day of wedding coordinator. She is there the day of your wedding and makes sure everything runs smooth. If something does go wrong, you’ll never know about it, because she won’t tell you. What does a day of wedding coordinator do? Whatever you need them to do. Here are just a few examples.


- pay any vendors you still owe
- make sure everyone gets down the isle
- Fluff your train before you make your grand entrance into your ceremony and reception
- make sure the fellas are dressed properly and behaving
- transport stuff from the church / ceremony to the reception venue
- set up your cupcake or dessert table, answer any questions your vendors may have
- meet your cake person & direct them where to put your cake
- keep your hors d’oeuvre table stocked for your guests.
- Direct your guests to their tables, if you have assigned seating
- release tables to eat
- communicate any special requests to your DJ
- run any last minuet errands
- pick up your flowers or cake if they aren’t being delivered

Just a couple of examples of what a FABULOUS day of coordinator can do for you!

-Once I put greenery around a cake because the icing slid off of the side.
The bride thanked me because, “it looks so good, why didn’t I think of that”. I told her no problem. She had no idea the icing came off.


On another occasion, I walked out to find one of the groomsmen putting on a camouflage button up shirt. When I told him to go find his white shirt, he said that the company sent the camo shirt. Little did he know that I was the one who coordinated their outfits. The bride still has no idea that he was really going to wear a camo shirt. CHRISIS AVOIDED.

Seriously, for your peace of mind, spend the money on a day of coordinator. Enjoy your day with you family and friends. You’ll never get this day again. Make it memorable.