Appointments are not required, but it’s a good idea to book one.  We can then guarantee you have a stylist to work with and a dressing room reserved for you. 

No. Alteration costs are not included in the price of the dress. We do not have an inhouse seamstress. We can refer you to our preferred seamstress.

You might want to consider bringing a strapless bra, or your wedding shoes.

We reserve an hour and a half appointment time for you.

We suggest a year to a year and a half out from your wedding. If you find the ONE, BUY IT!

In order to achieve our high standards for fabric, fit, and price, we designed and manufactured our own exclusive brand, Seven–26, created by the founder and CEO George Zimmer. The luxurious, in-hand feel of premium wool in all our suits and tuxedos delivers a natural drape that’s flattering in ways lower-grade wool and poly-blends can’t replicate. Our tuxedos feature 100% super 130s–140s wool, satin-faced/piped lapels, and a bespoke lining story, in slim or modern fits. Our suits feature 100% super 120s–130s wool, side vents, and a bespoke lining story, in slim and modern fits. All of our shirts feature 100% breathable cotton to keep you cool and comfortable at all times.

We offer sizes 3T through men’s 66L in select styles. Our slim fit styles are available up to size 46XL in our jackets and vests. We offer slim pant styles up to a 40" waist.

Our pants are designed with a hidden Flex Fit waistband that will automatically expand up to one (1) inch on both sides if needed.

Our shirts are designed with a Flex Fit collar neck and will expand up to one (1) inch if needed.

Our suit pants have belt loops and accept a belt; our tuxedo pants do not. While our pants do not have buttons for suspenders, they do accept clip-on suspenders.

To ensure that you look sharp for your big day, make sure that after receiving your garments and trying them on, you hang up all garments to avoid any wrinkles. If necessary, you can use steam to remove wrinkles (using a fabric steamer or just a steamy bathroom). Do not iron the garments. If you are experiencing more than minor wrinkling, please contact us for assistance.

If we can restore the garment to our quality standards using our in-house tailors and dry cleaning facility, we will do so, free of charge. If the garment is considered damaged beyond repair or destroyed, you may be charged a replacement fee. This damage is assessed by the returns department, and fees may vary.

If you return your items and something is missing, we will contact you to see if you still have the missing items. If you do, we will help arrange for their return. If you returned all items to an authorized UPS location with the return label applied but the shipment was lost in transit, you will not be charged for the lost items. If any items are truly lost or destroyed, you will be charged a replacement fee for these items. The following is an itemized list of replacement fees:

  • Jacket: $600.00
  • Pants: $200.00
  • Vest: $150.00
  • Shirt: $100.00
  • Tie: $100.00
  • Cummerbund: $100.00
  • Shoes: $200.00
  • Belt: $100.00
  • Cufflinks and Studs: $50.00

The damage waiver charge is a $6.00 nonrefundable fee that covers the cost of a quality control inspection, minor repairs, and cleaning related to normal use of the rental garments. In other words, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. That said, if a rental garment is destroyed beyond repair, you may be charged a replacement fee. See our rental agreement for details.

We have a variety of colors to match or complement the colors of your wedding. If you need a style consultation, please contact us - we are only a phone call away!

Yes. You can expect to at least have your dress hemmed and the straps shortened. Why? Most standard patters for bridesmaid dresses are for girls 5'7". What if you are taller than 5'7"? Extra length can be added.

We have size charts from each designer. We measure, bust, waist, and hip. We use the largest of those three measurements to determine what size bridesmaid dress to order. If it is a fitted dress, and your hips are the largest measurement, we order for you hip measurement. If we would order for your bust or waist measurement, the dress will fit in those areas, but too small in the hips. If you have questions regarding the size we suggest, please don't hesitate to ask. We will always show you the size chart we are looking at and explain how we came to that decision.